Programming - Errata

Modified October 20, 2010.

This is errata for the 1st printing of Programming: Principles and Practice using C++ giving the 2nd printing.

Comments, improvements, bug reports, etc. are welcome.

I list both corrections and clarifications. There is essentially no problem that I consider too small to list, so you might find many pieces of errata too minor to bother with (I know because I have received email to that effect), but at this stage, I'd rather not make decisions about what an unknown reader will find bothersome. Please note that the number of errata does not equal the number of errors. I say this because I have seen the book condemned unread because the number of errata.

Big issues, such as "why don't you use XXX for your GUI?", "please add two more chapters on the STL", and "please use C++0x features to simplify the code" are not errata but considerations for future work and will not appear here.

Different people have different preferences for sorting errata: in chronological order, in page order, each printing separate, all printings merged, etc. However, I can't manage multiple organizations, so what you get is what seems to be most useful for most people.

At the request of repeat visitors to the page, I have started to add dates of posting of individual errata. If an errata is changed, so is its date.

As an abbreviation I use, s/before/after/ to mean replace "before" with "after".

This is the errata to the first printing of the book. It was applied to produce the 2nd printing.

Table of contents

Chapter 0

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • (+10/5/09) pg 435: in 12: s/the number of points connect to/the number of other points to connect a point to/

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 14

    Chapter 15

    Chapter 16

    Chapter 17

    Chapter 18

    Chapter 19

    Chapter 20

    Chapter 21

    Chapter 22

    Chapter 23

    Chapter 24

    Chapter 25

    Chapter 26

    Chapter 27

    Appendix A

    Appendix B

    Appendix C

    Appendix E





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