Errata for 1st/11th printing of The C++ Programming Language

Errata for Bjarne Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (special edition), Addison-Wesley, 2000. ISBN0-201-70073-5. Errata for the 1st printing yielding the 3rd printing. Also for the 11th printing of "The C++ Programming Language (3rd edition)" yielding the 12th printing.

Errors and Clarifications

Chapter 3:

pg 55 s/Entry& e =/const Entry& e =/

Chapter 4:

pg 76 A better version of the example:

#include <limits>
#include <iostream>

int main()
	std::cout << "largest float == " << std::numeric_limits< float>::max()
		<< ", char is signed == " << std::numeric_limits< char>::is_signed << '\n';

Chapter 6:

pg 131 Clarification of the first paragraph after the first example: "The T(e) construct is sometimes referred to as a function-style cast. Unfortunately, for a built-in type T, T(e) is equivalent to (T)e (6.2.7). This implies that for many built-in types T(e) is not safe. ..."

Chapter 7:

pg 146 s/21.2.1/21.3.2/

Chapter 8:

pg 193 add "++Driver::no_of_errors;" to each catch clause

Chapter 10:

pg 258 s/

Chapter 11:

pg 280 add the sentence "Scopes outside the innermost enclosing namespace scope are not considered." before the first "For example:" and replace the first example by:

class AE { /* ... */ };		// not a friend of Y

namespace N {
	class X { /* ... */ };	// Y's friend

	class Y {
		friend class X;
		friend class Z;
		friend class AE;
	class Z { /* ... */ };		// Y's friend

pg 288 s/return b;/return f;/

Chapter 13:

pg 346 s/}/};/ twice in the first example

Chapter 16:

pg 433 s/s.18.7/D.4.4.1/ on the line for <ctime>

pg 457 s/vector tmp/vector<int> tmp/

Chapter 17:

pg 485 s/value_type;/value_type,/

pg 496 s/size_t/ptrdiff_t/ twice

pg 496 add after the definition of c_array: "For compatibility with arrays, I use the signed ptrdiff_t (16.1.2) rather than the unsigned size_t as the subscript type. Using size_t could lead to subtle ambiguities when using [] on a c_array."

Chapter 18:

pg 535 s/sort(off.begin(),off.end(),Person_lt)/off.sort(off,Person_lt)/

pg 536 /class located_in {/class located_in : public unary_function<Club,bool> {

pg 536 s/output_iterator/ostream_iterator/

Chapter 20:

pg 591 replace the first sentence by "When a position and a size are supplied for a string in a compare(), only the indicated substring is used. For example,,n,s2) is equivalent to string(s,pos,n).compare(s2)."

Chapter 21:

pg 619 somewhere add "If a get() or getline() function doesn't read and remove at least one character from the stream, setstate(failbit) is called, so that subsequent reads from the stream will fail (or an exception is thrown (21.3.6))." also modify the example to:

	void subtle_error()
		char buf[256];

		while (cin) {
			cin.get(buf,256);	// read a line
			cout << buf;		// print a line
			// Oops: forgot to remove '\en' from cin - the next get() will fail

pg 632 s/noskipws()/unsetf(ios_base::skipws)/ twice

pg 646 s/eptr/egptr/ twice

Chapter 22:

pg 670 see a complete example of Slice_iter and matrix for a better idea of what the errata adds up to.

pg 669 s/int i/size_t i/

pg 671 the last example used a non-standard feature. Better:

	v_even *= v_odd;	// multiply element pairs and store results in even elements
	v_odd = 0;		// assign 0 to every odd element of d

pg 674 s/int i/size_t i/ twice

pg 683 a better operator*():

valarray<double> operator*(const Matrix& m, valarray<double>& v)
	valarray<double> res(m.dim2());

	for (size_t i = 0; i<m.dim2(); i++) {
		const Cslice_iter<double>& ri = m.row(i);
		res[i] = inner_product(ri,ri.end(),&v[0],double(0));
	return res;

pg 684 a better operator*():

valarray<double> operator*(valarray<double>& v, const Matrix& m)
	valarray<double> res(m.dim1());

	for (size_t i = 0; i<m.dim1(); i++) {
		const Cslice_iter<double>& ci = m.column(i);
		res[i] = inner_product(ci,ci.end(),&v[0],double(0));
	return res;

Chapter 25:

pg 788 s/Circle*/Circle/ in 2.

pg 788 s/Shape*/Shape/ in 2.

Appendix C:

pg 858 add "template<class T> before "void k("

Appendix D:

pg 871 s/istream& fout/ostream& fout/ twice

pg 885 s/s<spring || winter<s/x<spring || winter<x/

pg 890 s/cs2+size()/cs2+s2.size()/

pg 890 s/cs2+cs2.size()/cs2+s2.size()/ twice

pg 891 s/cs2+cs2.size()/cs2+s2.size()/

pg 898 s/.get(os,/.get(*this,/

pg 904 s/d = dd/m = dd/

pg 915 s/const { curr=p;/{ curr=p;/ twice

pg 931 s/to_str(Season) ... of s/to_str(Season x) ... of x/

pg 932 replace to_str() by

const string& Season_io::to_str(Season x) const
	return m->get(cat,x,"no-such-season");

Appendix E:

pg 939 s/rand()/(rand())/


Chapter 1:

pg 10 umlauted o missing in Wikström's name.

pg 19 s/conference/Conference/

Chapter 5:

pg 105 s/arrays of char/array of char/

Chapter 8:

pg 168: s/separating the implementation of the interface/ separating the implementation from the interface/

Chapter 14:

pg 355 s/, the program could:/, a function could/

pg 368 s/constutors/constructors/

pg 380 s/delete p;/delete pe;/

Chapter 18: pg 521 s/Consequently, the standard library supplies two adapters to allow pointers to functions to be used together with the standard algorithms. in <functional>/ Consequently, in <functional> the standard library supplies two adapters to allow pointers to functions to be used together with the standard algorithms./

Appendix D:

pg 876 s/print_locale names/print_locale_names/

pg 892 s/_byname locale/_byname facet/

pg 899 s/amount/amount=/ five times in the output

pg 916 s/get_date() the Istream's/get_date() from the istream's/

pg 924 s/ctype locale/ctype facet/

pg 931 s/Season_io locale/ctype facet/

Appendix E:

pg 936 s/point of view a/point of view of a/

pg 952 s/T& vector<T,A >::emergency_exit()/void vector<T,A >::emergency_exit()/ twice

pg 959 s/The cost of completely protecting against an exception while moving elements in a vector be/ The cost of completely protecting against an exception while moving elements in a vector would be/

pg 960 s/associated containers/associative containers/

pg 962 s/application its types/application types/

pg 965 s/capable of throwing of/capable of throwing/

pg 965 s/that provide strong (E4)./that provide the strong guarantee (E4)./

pg 966 s/trivially type safe/trivially exception safe/