CPSC 689-608: Seminar in Robotics
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Spring 2002

Class Meeting: TR 2:00pm-4:00pm, 407 HRBB

Instructor: Nancy Amato
office: 414B Harvey R. Bright Bldg
office hours: Tue 7-8pm, Wed 5-7pm, Thu 5-7pm or by appointment
email: amato@cs.tamu.edu
url: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/faculty/amato
office phone: 862-2275

Course homepage: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/faculty/amato/Courses/689-608

Special Announcements

Course Schedule

Tuesday (Speaker) Tuesday (Treats) Thursday (Topic)
Protein Basics I (Guang Song)
1/22: no treats today (sigh...) 1/24: Protein Basics II (Guang Song)
Guang Song: A PRM for Protein Folding
1/29: Shawna Miller & Burchan Bayazit 1/31: Protein Structure Prediction Methods (Guang Song)
Burchan Bayazit: A PRM for Ligand Binding
2/5: Lydia Tapia & Ping (Ann) An 2/7: Other Approaches: MD, Statistical Models, Contact Order, etc (Guang Song)
Shawna Thomas : Protein-Protein Interactions
2/12: Derek Kurth & Paul Thomas 2/14: Lattice Models, Free Energy & Folding Kinetics Intro (Guang Song)
Dongmin Zhang: Teaching Robots
2/19: Jinsuck Kim & Roger Pearce 2/21: Folding Kinetics (Guang Song)
Jyh-Ming Lien: Automatically Generating Virtual Guided Tours
Marco Morales: Motion Control of a Mobile Robot Using an Expert System and Artificial Neural Networks
2/26: Aimee Vargas & Rick Stover 2/28: Intro to Genetic Algorithms (Paul Thomas)
Jinsuck Kim Roger Pearce, Rick Stover, B. Sandhu: Mobile Robot Localization & Navigation
3/5: Chris Sewell & Shari Naik 3/7: GAs for Compiler Optimizations (Mark Mathis)
3/12: SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS 3/12: and no treats... 3/14: SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS
Aimee Vargas: Intelligent User Interfaces for Robots
Lydia Tapia: TBD
3/19: Marco Morales & Sam Rodriguez 3/21: GAs for Systems Modeling (Jack Perdue)
Dawen Xie: Closed Chain PRM
Erin Devoy: TBD
3/26: Xinyu Tang & Jin Wang 3/28: GAs for Scheduling and Mapping (Ping "Ann" An)
Jack Perdue: GAs for Performance Prediction
Mark Mathis: Agent-based Systems Modeling
4/2: Jyh-Ming Lien & Dawen Xie 4/4: Introduction to Physically Based Modelling (Burchan Bayazit)
Xinyu Tang: A Protein Folding Toolkit
Derek Kurth: Visualization of Seismic Rays
Maitreyi Nanjanath: Active Vision Navigation
4/9: Kasthuri Srinivasan & B. Sandhu 4/11: Behaviors in Character Animation (Jyh-Ming Lien)
Pei He , Marco Morales , Jyh-Ming Lien : Neuron PRM
4/16: Maitreyi Nanjanath & Pei He 4/18: Behaviors in Robotics (Burchan Bayazit)
Kasthuri Kannan Unfolding Polyhedra
Jin Wang: Fuzzy PRM, Lazy PRM
4/23: Dongmin Zhang & Erin Devoy 4/25: Artificial Life (Burchan Bayazit)
Shari Naik: Ariadne's Clew Algorithm for MP
Sam Rodriguez: The RRT Algorithm for MP
4/30: Jack Perdue & Guang Song 5/2: Reading Day - No Class

Nancy Amato (amato@cs.tamu.edu)