CPSC 689: Special Topics in Randomized Motion Planning
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Spring 2000

Class Meeting: TBD

Instructor: Nancy Amato
office: 414B Harvey R. Bright Bldg
office hours: TBD, or by appointment
email: amato@cs.tamu.edu
url: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/faculty/amato
office phone: 862-2275
home phone: 693-1855 (please don't call after midnight or before 9am)

Course homepage: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/faculty/amato/Courses/689

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Reading Assignments

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The goal of the project is to study in depth some issue related to randomized motion planning. Everyone in the course must turn in the following two assignments.

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Nancy Amato (amato@cs.tamu.edu)