ENGR 381: Engineering Honors Seminar

ENGR 381: Engineering Honors Seminar
Course Information
Fall 2016

Class Meeting:
ENGR 381-200: Fridays, 4:10pm-5:25pm, HRBB 124

Course homepage: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~amato/Courses/engr381

Nancy Amato
office: 425H Harvey R. Bright Bldg
office hours: MW 3:00-4:00pm, or by appointment
email: amato [at] tamu.edu
url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~amato
office phone: 979-862-2275

Special Announcements

Course Goals: The purpose of the course is to expose you to a broad range of current research topics in your field and to provide you with support to get the most out of first hand participation in a research project as an undergraduate.

Class Meeting Schedule: While this course has a scheduled weekly meeting time, we will only meet on an as needed basis. Instead, students in the course will complete several assignments that are designed to assist the students in achieving the course goals. They should also meet with the instructor as needed for guidance on the course assignments. Although we will not meet every week, students should not schedule other activities during that time as it will be used for meetings with the instructor or other seminars supportive of the course.

Mechanics and Grading: To receive credit for this course you must satisfy all of the following requirements:

Assignments and Handouts

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