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The C++ Programming Language

Modified August 26, 2014

Advice of the day
(from TC++PL)

10.5[10] If a class has a pointer member, it needs copy operations (copy constructor and copy assignment); sec10.4.4.1.

FAQ of the day

Are there any features you'd like to remove from C++?

Article of the day

Minimizing Dependencies within Generic Classes for Faster and Smaller Programs. ACM OOPSLA'09. October 2009.
C++ is a general purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming that Belorussian translation
I (Bjarne Stroustrup) am the designer and original implementor of C++. You can find the language, the techniques for using it, and the techniques for implementing it described in my books, my papers, in hundreds of books by others, and thousands of papers by others. There are far too many to list. Try a bookstore or a library. Answers to many questions about C++ can be found in