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The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)

Addison-Wesley ISBN 978-0321563842. May 2013.

Order directly from the publisher! (There is also an electronic version, and a hardcover version)

Modified October 27, 2018

Romainian translation of this page.

See also C++11 FAQ and The C++ Programming Language (Special Edition).

Available here:

If you are looking for a shorter and less complete introduction to C++, consider: Bjarne Stroustrup: A Tour of C++ (3rd Edition). The ``tour'' is a quick (about 240 pages) tutorial overview of all of standard C++ at a moderately high level for people who already know C++ or at least are experienced programmers.

If you are looking for an an introduction to programming for people who has never programmed before, consider Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++. That book is also be useful for people who have programmed a bit and want to improve their style and technique - or to simply learn modern C++. It is designed for classroom use, but written with an eye on self study.


Feel free to send me suggested errata. I will fix every mistake that can be fixed within the constrains of the book. I will post every errata that I think might impede understanding(eventually; I'm unfortunately way behind the printed books). People have pointed out that the {} doesn't work for copy construction:
X x1 {2};		// construct from integer (assume suitable constructor)
X x2 {x1};		// copy construction: fails on GCC 4.8 and Clang 3.2
I know that. It's a bug in the standard. Fixed for C++14. For now use one of the traditional notations:
X x3(x1);		// copy construction
X x4 = x1;		// copy construction
Thanks to all who send me problems, correction, and clarifications: Ron Avitzur, Matt Austern, Charles A. Barr, Paul Bennett, Thaddeus Black, Andreas Boerner, Keith Boruff, A. Bresee, Juerg Bruggermann Ian Bruntlett, Henry Buckley, Vladimir Burenkov, Peter Cordell, Walter C. Daugherity, Francios Degros, Gabriel Dos Reis, Robert Drehmel, Yaakov Eisenberg, James Feister, Ted Felix, William Fisher, Paul Floyd, Elazar Gershuni, Douglas Gilbert, Matt Ginsberg, Raffaele Grosso, Ben Hanson, M. Harbeck, Jack Harvard, Craig Henderson, Matthew Hielsberg, Derek Hofmann, Ashley Holman, Niels Holst, Zhiheng Huang, Olaf Ippisch, Dainis Jonitis, Koehne Kai, Zlatko Karaka�, Tiemo Keller, Brian Kernighan, Hadeed Khalid, Michael Kilpelainen, Klaus-Werner Konrad, Vlado Koval, David Krishfield, Daniel Kruegler, Amali Praveena Soban Kumar, Mantosh Kumar, John Lakos, Wanying Luo, Chintan Maggu, Jaydeep Marathe, Bruno Marques, Brono Martinez, Randy Merkel, Martin Moene, Thiemo Nagel, Tyson Nottingham, Toshiaki Ohkuma, Peter Olsen, Aidas Ozelis, Laszlo Papp, Nathan Panike, Dale Lukas Peterson, Marcelo Pinto, Timur Pocheptsov, Michael Price, Tim Prebble, Andrea Proli, Luca Risolia, Dan Rose, Ambitabha Roy, Jens R�mer Rohit Santhanam, Anubhav Saxena, Ian Scott, Richard Shepherd, Eric Sirko, Abe Skolnik, Edward M. Smith-Rowland, Marcin, Sobieszczanski, Soren Soe, Dean Stanton, Igor Stauder, Daniel Suen, Andrew Sutton, Edward M. Taffel, David A. Thomas, Felix Voigtlander, Alexey Voytenko, Johan Williamsson, Aaron Wong, Scott Wright, Guilliam Xavier, Geffrey Yerem, Muhammad Zahalqa, Alexei Zakharov.

Apologies if I missed a name.

Some might find it reassuring that many (most?) problems were spotted by several people.

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